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Private Training

Set goals, build confidence and become a champion!  We will break down the exact mechanics of the hardest maneuvers and make sure you are moving as efficient as possible.  Maximize results and minimize injuries!   Learn how to train specifically for your sport and become the best athlete you can be!



Stiff muscles and aches are an athletes worst enemy during a competition.  Proper care for competitors with one on one stretches and therapy techniques that will have clients feeling brand new and rejuvenated! Services provided by a Certified and Licensed Athletic Trainer.  If you know an event that would benefit from our professional services, please Contact Us!



Practice on land, perform in the water!  A surf inspired fitness class that challenges your coordination, strength endurance, and flexibility every time!  You will notice a huge improvement in your athletic performance, balance, coordination, strength, and endurance.



Customized workouts that will increase your strength, speed, technique, and help lower the risk of injury